OpenDoors Trucking Puts Job Seekers in the Driver's Seat

´╗┐OpenDoors Trucking is a social venture with the goal of creating a financially self-sufficient business that can provide transitional employment to clients.  The pandemic has created a significant increase in demand for 'lighter-than-load' freight businesses, and truck driving is an ideal employment opportunity for people with felony records. OpenDoors Trucking is an expanding business that provides training and transitional employment opportunities for people in our employment program, allowing them to move into full-time, well-paying jobs on the logistics industry.

Reentry Transitional Employment

Delivery is an ideal transitional employment opportunity for people with criminal records.  There is no criminal record barrier to the work--people can receive the necessary licensing for LTL driving regardless of almost any criminal history. They do not require a Commercial Driver's License, and there is no necessary level of formal education. The on the job training is challenging, but the training period can be as short as three months. While many people with criminal records get stuck in minimum wage, entry level or temporary work, delivery driving has the the potential to be better paying and more consistent and can lead to CDL and other higher paying freight work. The barriers to employment for most people with records is that they have no experience and there is no formalized path into the field. OpenDoors Trucking provides the necessary opportunity and training for people to enter into this career path.  



´╗┐Joe M, a long-time participant of the OpenDoors employment program was hired in 2021 as one of the first employees of OpenDoors Trucking













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