Panel Discussion: Preventing Violence and Arrest in Sex Work in Rhode Island


Thursday, April 29 6:00pm – 7:00pm EST

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There is a movement around the world to decriminalize sex work. Amnesty International recommends that governments decriminalize consensual sex work and develop laws that protect workers from harm, exploitation, and coercion. But the debate around sex work continues to be heated.

In this webinar, Keynote Speaker Professor Manisha Shah, a notable researcher on sex work around the world, will address her research into Rhode Island’s 1980 decriminalization of indoor sex work then its sharp turn of events when the state criminalized indoor sex work in 2009 and its impact on the health and wellbeing of sex workers then and now. Join Dr. Shah and a panel to discuss how RI currently criminalizes sex work, the affects of these policies on people that do sex work, and steps to prevent violence and arrest in sex work in Rhode Island.

This is the second event in a monthly series organized by OpenDoors  on issues related to the incarceration of women.

KEYNOTE: Manisha Shah, Professor of Public Policy and Director Global Lab for Research in Action, University of California - Los Angeles. 



  • Ashley Perry, Intervention Case Manager, WEBER/RENEW
  • Adi Goldstein, Deputy Attorney General of Rhode Island
  • Professor Shah

Information about our previous panel: "Should we Close the RI Woman's Prison?"





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