Environmental Clean-Up of 485 Plainfield Street

OpenDoors would like to inform the residents of Plainfield Street in Providence, RI of the proposed removal of environmental contamination present at the former Dolby Ice Cream factory located at 485 Plainfield Street in the Silver Lake section of Providence RI. OpenDoors plans to provide ongoing information regarding the clean-up to those potentially affected and interested parties, to include residents, local organizations/businesses and state/city officials. Attached are the Site Investigation Report, Phase I and II of the Environmental Assessment outlining the contamination of the site.

Our future plans are to relocate operations to the 485 Plainfield Street site once it has been redeveloped. Included in the plans are 19 units of housing for formerly incarcerated individuals. We are committed to safe and responsible environmental remediation of site, and believe that the only way to achieve this is to perform a transparent process that involves stakeholders each step of the way ensuring that the safety of the community and future residents is of utmost consideration.

There will be a public comment period beginning on September 22, 2009. Comments may be submitted at a public meeting to be held on Oct. 3, 2009 at 485 Plainfield Street, Providence RI beginning at 12:00PM. The meeting will be scheduled in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act requirements. All interested parties may attend and comment if they so desire. Immediately following the meeting, there will be a written record prepared and distributed as needed and stored in our information repository.

Interested parties may also comment in writing by mail to:
Sol Rodriguez
841 Broad Street
Providence, RI 02907

or by email to solrodriguez@opendoorsri.org.


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