Employment Services

OpenDoors offers employment case management and group employment readiness classes, both inside and outside the prison. The OpenDoors employment preparation and placement program employs a full-time, experienced job readiness specialist who prepares clients to enter the world of professional employment and become responsible employees.

These employment specific services are designed to complement other services offered in the Resource Center (including financial literacy classes, computer proficiency classes, and men's support groups) to provide our clients with holistic support as they prepare to apply for, get, and maintain sustainable employment.

Comprehensive Employment Program

In order to better meet clients' needs, OpenDoors has expanded our employment programming to more effectively address the most common and involved barriers that clients face. The program is balanced between seminars, where clients discuss issues and learn about best practices in a group setting, and workshops, where clients actively complete tasks that will reduce their barriers to employment. The following is a list of all the seminars, workshops and assignments that will be covered in the expanded employment program. More info.

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