A New Approach to Prisoner Reentry

Every year, people are released from prison with almost a guarantee that they will end up back inside before too long.  We know that, for whatever reason, they will not avoid reoffending, that society will bear the cost of that future incarceration and criminal behavior, and that they will, unfortunately, spend many more years behind bars.  Programs have tried for decades to stop this cycle and there have been considerable successes, but they have not been able to establish a proven model for rehabilitation--one that creates verifiable, life-long change with participants.

9 Yards is an innovative approach to this problem, and its 2017 proved that the program cut crime and prison time, reducing felony convictions by 71% and time sentenced to prison by 62% for the first year after release. 9 Yards started in 2013, and is now in its 5th year. The program has tripled in size, and in 2015 it won the Rhode Island Foundation's Initiative for Nonprofit Excellence's Innovation Award. Read more about the program below:

2017 Recidivism Evaluation

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Going the Whole 9 Yards to End the Cycle of Incarceration

9 Yards provides long term intensive support to high risk offenders coming out of prison. The program is funded by the Governor's Workforce Board, the Providence Dexter Fund, the RI Foundation, the RI Department of Health, the Consolidated Homeless Fund, and the Damiano Fund. Since 2013, 9 Yards has served over 100 individuals, now working with 30 clients a year. Clients start while incarcerated taking a variety of academic, vocational, and self-change classes, and if they work hard while in prison, they will receive a big helping hand when they get out, including up to six months of supportive housing.  It's a unique program that is putting established ideas into practice in a new way:

  • Most programs just work in one risk area and do not address all risk factors.  9 Yards provides a large amount of support in all risk areas, including education, employment, housing, behavioral therapy, mentoring, and addiction treatment.
  • Most programs just work in prison or outside of prison.  9 Yards provides support with continuity, working for 9 months in prison and at least 6 months after release.
  • Most programs work with the easy to serve.  9 Yards follows the well proven principle that reentry programs should work with high risk individuals, not low risk ones, to have the best chance of preventing future incarceration.  The program criteria was developed to hone in on people that need support but also have the potential to succeed.  
  • Most programs do not take advantage of incarceration.  While incarcerated, people have a lot of time to begin the process of change.  9 Yards demands that they put that time to use and provides them the tools to do that.  

We Need Your Support

The program can only succeed with continued support.  

   Volunteer:  join our mentoring program or volunteer as a tutor

   Donate:  We need to raise $50,000 for the supportive housing program, which is just the cost of what we already pay to                       house one inmate for one year.  Donate here, every dollar helps.

For more information contact Nick Horton, at 401-214-1806 or nhorton@opendoorsri.org




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